Life is a vibration.

VIBROBED® is a regenerative vibrating bed
controlled by the Let’s Vibe app.

Let yourself be carried away by pleasant musical stimuli
and sound waves that you perceive with your whole body.


Get carried away.

Take time for yourself, relieve stress and recharge your batteries.
Preventing health is better than curing disease.

Original sound and music compositions are compiled based on research
for your maximum experience and relaxation.

Vibrobed - snížení stresu
Acute stress and fatigue reduction
Optimization of cardiac activity
Stimulation and relaxation
PPositive influence on the nervous system

Your way to yourself.

Who loses the resting pole in his own center and rhythm,
is in a real sense out of it." (Ruediger Dahlke)
Health is first and foremost in your hands.

Discover the unsuspected possibilities of low frequency sound and music composed according to the principles of receptive music therapy. Reduction of psychosomatic tension and acoustic stress, slowing of heart activity (activation of the papasympathetic system)
within the autonomic nervous system, increasing the body's ability to relax and regenerate.  

I want to try Vibrobed


How does it work?

Resonant membrane

Vibrační požitek

All-wood construction
with a resonant membrane.

Through the integrated amplifier, vibrations are transmitted
to 4 body zones (calves, thighs, hips, chest) of the wooden
resonance membrane and to headphones.

Audio composition

Relaxační hudba

Original sound and music composition
called “ELEMENTS”.

Low frequency waves (vibrations in the 30-80 Hz band)
are produced sequentially and modulated in combination
with sound and music stimuli.  

Full body listening

Eight special
low frequency exciters.

8 built-in vibration exciters with a power of 8x100 W can be
found under the body scheme of the resonant membrane.

Let’s Vibe application

Aplikace Vibe Yourself

Original application, modern design,
user-friendly controls.  

You can set the type and intensity
using the Let’s Vibe app.


Scientific research

The idea of the vibration bed follows the pioneering empirical research of Olav Skille (Norwegian neurologist and founder of vibroacoustic therapy) and Danish professor Tony Wigram. Vibrobed uses not only innovative technology (originally used bass speakers), but also an innovative way of transmitting low frequency waves - sequential dosing and diverse modulation of sound waves (the author's system). The aim of our research is to focus on evidence-based practice studies and the application of knowledge to practice. In collaboration with Palacký University in Olomouc, we conducted the first systematic research studies (2017-2018) and then developed a collaboration - a PhD programme focusing on applied research in vibroacoustics in healthy population and people with disabilities.

Vibrobed lůžko

Vibration of the organs, tissues and cells

Graf frekvencí

The aim of the first studies was to investigate the effects of the Vibrobed on the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and subjective experience. Effects were measured by spectral analysis of heart rate variability in the form of pre-test/post-test in three interventions (30 people, 90 interventions, 180 autonomic system pre/post test measurements). The results of the statistical analysis (t-test) indicate the potential of Vibrobed to stimulate the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

Statistically high significance effects on the ANS, specifically on its parasympathetic part and on the overall spectral performance of the individual were demonstrated. Through Vibrobed, overall relaxation of the body can be achieved, promoting its regeneration and ability to cope more easily with stress. In the second part of the research, differences in subjective perceptions of physical and psychological state before and after the intervention were investigated.

The results of the statistical analysis indicate the potential of the intervention to influence the physical sensations, emotional experience, mental processes and subjective well-being of the probands (Vilímek, Kantor, & Chráska, 2019).



""I feel like I've been reborn, like I've shed a heavy backpack!"

University professor in expressive therapies, Latvia.

"While listening, I could feel the vibrations permeate my whole body - my fingertips, my whole arm, my chest and abdominal cavity, my legs, I could even feel my bones resonating. A very positive experience, like being in a Japanese meditation garden, beautiful music and vibrations underlined by the sounds of nature, contentment, peace. It was as if my body was part of the music. I can imagine coming out of a whirlpool or sauna and lying down for 20 minutes on Vibrobed".

Customer of a mountain hotel with wellness.

"I feel relaxed, nice feeling from the vibrations, feeling like I'm on a boat, relaxed my muscles, calmed me down, relaxing music and vibrations great, meditation."

Raiffeisenbank manager.
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